Our History

The history of Mulino Belforti started in 1926 in Castell’Arquato, near Piacenza  North Italy.

In this little medieval village surrounded by luxurius green fertile land with a creek running trough the middle known as Arda. 

Zefferino Belforti started the family mill with grinding rough stone together with the wheat in the middle. The force of the water set in motion the wheel Zefferino Belforti started the family mill with the water wheel which grinded the wheat which was made of stone. This in trun made the best flour.

As the years have gone by the generations have passed by one to another. They have seen the growth from a small village to whole of Italy. The family have always maintained a great passion for their work, with great care and attention to the final product and care of their clients.
Now a days the Molino keeps its high standard in making flour by following certain steps.

The first being great attention on the chemical analist, after this stage only the best wheat is choosen, which will enable the wheat to progress on to the cleaning stage. The last and most important stage being the grinding process. This enables the wheat to pass by the most modern machinery letting the grain maintain all its natural nutritious value and its natural taste.

Even though we have made great advances in new technologies, Molino Belforti has never lost its eye on echology. As proof of this in 2009 we where one of the first to introduce solo panel, to reduce the impact in the atmosphere producing a cleaner air for the environment.

We believe in keeping a very high professional standard which has enabled the Molino to progress without taking our foot of the pedal, but by always looking forward to new ideas in technology but remaining faithful to our traditions and way of life.

The motto of Roberto Belforti CEO of Molino Belforti in keeping with our long line of history is The quality and innovation in respect of our tradition.