What's the main ingredient
for good italian Pizza?


... and the main ingredient
for good italian Pasta?


Type “00″ flour for Pizza

w: 300/320 a unique blend, added with manitoba, that makes pizza more fragrant and perfumed [also available in 1kg and 5kg sacks]

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Type “00″ GX flour

w: 400/420 suitable for ciabatta bread, buns and more demanding productions.

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Type “00″ reinforced flour

w: 240/260 suitable for hand kneaded bread like braid, loaf and micca bread

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National type “00″ flour

w: 200/220 Particularly recommended for common bread [also available in 1kg and 5kg sacks]

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Type “0″ flour

Available in custom mode for working with various values that vary from W: 160/170, suitable for bakery, at W: 300 and over for more refined breads

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Integral flour

Rich in fiber, contains all the parts of the grain so it is a complete food

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The history of Mulino Belforti started in 1926 in Castell’Arquato, near Piacenza.

We believe in keeping a very high professional standard which has enabled the Molino to progress without taking our foot off the pedal, but by always looking forward to new ideas in technology remaining faithful to our traditions and way of life. Roberto Belforti's (CEO) motto keeping with our long line of history is: "Quality and innovation in respect of our tradition"